Piazza dell’Immaginario | 2017 Edition
Book-presentation: Fight-Specific Isola

Dryphoto arte contemporanea, via delle Segherie 33a, Prato
Saturday May 6, 2017

Fight-Specific Isola. Art, Architecture, Activism and the Future of the City.

Texts by Atelier d’Architecture Autogérée, Marco Biraghi, Antonio Brizioli, Charles Esche, Mara Ferreri and Davide Caselli, Vincenzo Latronico, Isabell Lorey, Steve Piccolo, Gerald Raunig, Christoph Schäfer, Mariette Schiltz, Marco Scotini, Bert Theis, Tiziana Villani.

Fight-Specific Isola traces the long history of the Isola area of Milan and the organic, spontaneous progress of the Isola Art Center over the past 12 years. Featuring texts and many images, the book tells the story of an artistic and urban transformation, led by artists, who often had to invent tools and concepts along the way. This publication serves as an example
of how to act on the ground in today’s urban condition. Different narratives of history, artistic intervention and action allow the reader to trace the complex idea of collectivity, solidarity and fight-specificity. Testing new terms such as dirty cube and dispersed center this book shows a possible way to respond to the constant pressure of neoliberal development and gentrification.

Isola Art Center – Archive Books 2013