3 experiments

Opening: Saturday, 23.09.2017, 3pm
Duration of exhibition: 24.09.-22.10.2017, Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 6pm
Venue: House of Architecture, Mariahilferstraße 2, 8020 Graz, Austria

Technology that inserts itself into nature, a social oasis and an urban museum as a driving force of reconstruction: three collectives reimagine the relationship between human beings and their environment.

Fifty years ago, entitled “ambiente / environment”, the three-nation trigon biennial set out to examine the question of the perception of space, adding the factor of architecture to the established relationship between object and environment. To mark the anniversary year, the House of Architecture picks up this thread and investigates the role of architecture as a catalyst in the relationship of the human being and the environment. The exhibition “we are here! 3 experiments” presents three collectives, each projecting different models of this relationship. What happens when we have no more air to breathe? Or when we cannot find a place in a hyper-capitalised neighbourhood? What is possible when a state of emergency becomes the norm?

The Breathe Earth Collective designs architectures that use technology to ensure a viable relationship between human beings and the air: from fans helping the forest to produce fresh air to urban air machines that look like trees. In Milan, the Isola Art Center collective creates a social oasis that asserts itself tenaciously in inhospitable surroundings. Sarajevo Now: The People’s Museum and Urban-Think Tank present the museum of urban history as a collective driving force of cultural reconstruction in a war-ravaged urban environment.

Even fifty years after “ambiente / environment”, the relationships to our environment and the strategies for shaping this organic association remain diverse. The three exemplary projects from the former trigon region establish new metabolisms in which architecture filters, controls and enables.

Exhibition with:

  • Breathe Earth Collective (Karlheinz Boiger (AT), Lisa Maria Enzenhofer (AT), Andreas Goritschnig (AT), Markus Jeschaunig (AT), Bernhard König (DE))
  • Isola Art Center (LU/IT)
  • Sarajevo Now: The People’s Museum (Urban-Think Tank (CH/VE/US/BA) & Baier Bischofberger (CH) mit Haris Piplas (BA), ETH Zürich) u. a.

Curated by
Claudia Gerhäusser (DE), Markus Bogensberger (AT)

Co-produced by Haus der Architektur, steirischer herbst

Events during the exhibition:

27.09.2017, 19h: Air Utopia: Short lectures, discussions with Isola Art Center and Breathe Earth Collective

04.10.2017: Airship.02: Guided tour to the Austrian sculpture park in Premstätten with Breathe Earth Collective

06.10.2017, 19h: Sarajevo Now: The People’s Museum: Short presentation by Urban-Think Tank and subsequent discussion

14.10.2017, 14–16:30h: Perspektive/n: Guided tour, Metting point <rotor>

Some photos of our presentation in Graz